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Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Program

From: Dr. Tara Pir

We Invite You to support the movement toward Mental Health Reform

Awareness of the Problem The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) have announced a Human Rights Emergency declaring depression as a number one global burden of disease. People with mental disabilities around the world face discrimination, violence, and abuse. Even in America, one in four is living with mental illness. Many will not seek help due to fear of Stigma and Discrimination.

Action Toward Solution

  • Please join our collaborative efforts by participating in our:

STIGMA & DISCRIMINATION REDUCTION PROGRAM We are committed to ending STIGMA associated with mental illness

Complete our cultural stigma survey

Get involved with our advocacy and community education activities

  • Supporting California's mental health movement at

  • Raise awareness and engage in conversation by wearing the lime-green ribbon. (Green represents the national color of mental health awareness symbolic of vigorous life and flourishing health as well as our efforts to overcome the stereotype, stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness.)

Contact us: 213-381-1250 Email:

Together we can make a difference in Changing minds! Changing lives! Changing Communities!


Presented by:

Institute for Multicultural Counseling and Educational Services

International Council of Psychologists


American Psychological Association


  Doctoral Internship                     


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My Proposal to make Juneteenth a National Holiday

 – an inspiration toward an inclusionary and just society! 

Juneteenth Proposal for National Holiday